Update 1/16/19 3-Days Out

How am I feeling?

I am still excited! I don’t think that feeling will ever change. The excitement is all around me. Everyone wishing me luck, people checking up on me, people saying how excited they are for this fight. I like that feeling.

I think tomorrow it may get a little more exciting as it will be the day before weigh ins and 2-days out from the fight. The next few days I have off from work to focus solely on this fight and getting myself prepared to battle.

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How is my weight?

Well, I feel it is on track and possibly ahead of schedule. So it is a slow steady drop and I am confident that I will make weight.

Has it been easy? So-so LOL! I was walking into work the other day after training and the smell of all that good food that surrounds that place made me hungry for it. But not to worry I ate a salad and drank lots of water. Remember what I said in my last update LOL.

Sauna is a nice way to also help me cut weight so I have been spending time in there after I get my sweat initially.

What is my schedule like for rest of week?

I am most excited for Saturday Fight Night! However, I do know there are still a couple of days ahead of that.

I plan on maintaining my weight cut regiment and hopefully I am at a a comfortable place by the end of Thursday. I plan on getting some workouts in just to keep my body moving. Sharpening up my game plan and getting myself as ready as I can be is my priority right now along with my weight.

Enjoy this compilation of my workouts put together by one of sponsors WEEZOGRAPHY

Amazing Compilation of my training leading to fight!

My Family, Friends, & Supporters are amazing

Everyone has been so supportive through this journey and I sincerely want to thank all of you. I am especially grateful for the amount of tickets that we have sold for this fight! It has surpassed the amount that I normally sell and that is a testament to how much support I have. That makes me even more excited to enter that cage and to represent to the best of my ability!

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