Update 1/10/19-Training & More

9 Days Out-Training

We are 9 days out from X1 World Events 51. I will be defending my Bantam Weight World Title. My training is firing full force as the final stretch approaches. I am not taking anything for granted or my opponent lightly. My coaches are doing their part in preparing me the best they can and the rest is up to me to execute.

This will be the toughest match…

To me every match is the toughest match! If a fighter doesn’t think this, then in some sense they are taking their opponent lightly. A tough match is every match you take because you just don’t know what to expect. All I can do until then is focus on myself and on my training. I know that my opponent is coming and will be bringing all he got because he wants my title!

Are you tired?

This is a frequently asked question. Fighters like me here in Hawaiʻi have to hold a full time job because we cannot all be fortunate to fight and make money especially since we pay to live in paradise. All I know is that I can’t stop and won’t stop until I complete the task at hand and that is defending my title and representing Hawaiʻi best I can. Until then, the hustle is real, putting in the work is crucial!

Quick Thanks

Sending out a quick thanks to all who have purchased shirts and tickets from me. I find part of my motivation from seeing all the support and feeling all the love that comes my way. From my family, friends, sponsors, co-workers, students and beyond, the love and support is amazing!

I look forward to putting on a great show for all of you and I know only great things can happen with that support and love!

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