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When I am not fighting

Outside of being a professional MMA fighter I have been working for the UFC Gym BJ Penn in Mililani since it opened in 2017. I work within the MMA program as a Coach. You can find me in the gym Monday through Saturday working with clients and teaching classes.

Our department went through different transitions throughout 2018 and it continued through the start of 2019. I agreed to take on more responsibilities with some of these transitions. The week before my last fight I was promoted to the MMA Manager position.

MMA Manager UFC Gym

I was pretty much doing some of the duties that the MMA Manager is responsible for before the promotion was official. I was also receiving some management training as well from different people. It is a lot to learn in the short time frame they give, but I like a challenge. If you do not know by now, I am competitive by nature and am pretty much up to any challenge I am faced with.

One of my focus points is going to be building our MMA Program at Mililani. I remember when we first opened there was so much hype around our MMA Program and not so much now. I believe that energy has to return first by me as the Manager, then by the rest of the coaching team, and then it will filter out to the clients in the gym. Our program has great potential and I want to see it do well.

How you can help me and UFC Gym Mililani

I could use any help I can get from Family and Friends in bringing awareness to the classes we offer at UFC Gym Mililani. Below, I have all the descriptions of the classes that we offer. This is great for people who do not know what we offer.

We are not a typical gym. Yes, we have machines. Yes, we have weights. Yes, we have fitness classes. Yes, we have HIIT and our signature DUT classes. But, we also bring Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) to the table.

Spread the word, share this post, and come and check us out at UFC Gym BJ Penn Mililani!

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