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Sponsor and Advertise

My team has made it easier for possible Sponsors and Advertisers to sign up by going to these respective links:



These links can be found on my front page in the MENU section as well.

With less than two months until I defend my title we are actively increasing the search for Sponsors and Advertisers.  If you are interested please feel free to sign up here on my website.  If you have more questions please feel free to email us at: admin@rodneymondala.com

I thank you for your interest and I hope to partner up with you soon!

Fundraiser Entertainment Line Up

I am very fortunate to have friends that are willing to help with the upcoming Fundraiser for me.  One of my sponsors, Tulipa Style LLC, has come up with an outstanding line up of entertainment.

Recording Artist, Kumu Hula, and my friend, Leato Savini will share his talents and music off of his Album as well as traditional Hawaiian Music.

Two Time Song Competition winner, 1-at The Ville in ʻEwa and 2-at Hawaiʻi KTV & Lounge, Ah Sen Mokiao will share his vocal talents with us.  Ah Sen is also a friend and a co-worker with me at UFC Gym Mililani.

These Two Gentlemen are known as Da Camarillo brothers.  Friends of Leato, they have a variety of music interest that they will share with us.  They perform professionally in Waikiki weekly and we are fortunate that they will be able to share their talents with us. Kamaka (pictured right) has gained popularity with his friend for their Hawaiian version of Bruno Mars “That’s What I Like” titled “E Piʻi Mai”

My friend and Jiujitsu Teammate, KAHI T (pictures left), has volunteered his talents as a Radio Personality to keep the flow of the program in check as the MC!

So far that is a SOLID line up and the team will probably add one or two more spots if possible.  The Fundraiser again will be on DECEMBER 19 from 5p-10p at The Shack Mililani!