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Weigh In’s Road to Shooto 2

Weigh Ins are Done!

Today was Weigh Ins and I am so glad it is over. It is so good to drink something again. Cutting down to 130 in a 3-week time frame was a bit tough, but I got down to 129 so I am cleared to fight.

I liked how organized the weigh ins were. Everything so far with the organizers have been on point and smooth. Just experiencing the weigh in here in Japan was a totally different experience from back home in Hawaiʻi. They started on time and all fighters were present. They called from the start of the schedule and worked down wards to the Main Events.

There was no flashy showing of attitude or anything. Everyone was pretty humble and left their egos at the door. Best weigh in experience ever in regards to how organized. It didn’t take more than an hour to complete and we were out of there and heading to go eat.

Meeting Yusaku for the 1st Time at Weigh Ins

At weigh ins today was the first time I met my opponent, Yusaku Nakamura. Seeing his built and stance put things into perspective for me. You can only see so much on a video of your opponent, so seeing him in person made things more clear for me to visualize. He was a pretty goofy guy with his poses and stuff but I know he is getting ready for this fight just as much as I am.

I was also informed that I was given this fight because I beat my last opponent Taiki in Hawaiʻi. This was supposed to be his fight, but they called and asked for me instead. Kind of makes things more exciting for me.


After weigh ins I was interviewed by a Japanese organization covering the fight. They had some interesting questions that I answered honestly. One question they asked was for me to point out what I feel is my opponents weakness, and what are my strengths. It was a fun experience even though I have no clue why they wanted to interview me.

Train Ride in Japan

So i experienced my first Japan Train Ride on the popular Yamanote Line. After we rested from Lunch and weigh ins we decided to go venture out to a popular spot called Harajuku. To get there we jumped on a train and it took us about 20 minutes from our station to Harajuku.

It was an experience to feel how fast we the train goes yet how smooth the ride on the inside is. Yes maybe on the stop and initial go after each station was jerky but for the most part it was smooth. I also experienced feeling like a Sardine. The train got so packed at one point we were cramped all together. It was definitely an experience.


What a cool place. We first stopped in a Daiso, which is their Dollar Store. We looked at every floor and it was neat. It was a very busy and popular store and why wouldn’t it be with all the great stuff you could get.

The main street of this place was lighted up with colors and it was packed with people. There was some tempting Crepe stands at about every corner. I fought off temptation but I almost lost. They were literally placed at every freaking corner sometimes right across from each other.

There were some cool stores with original shirts and stuff. I also saw lots of Anime stuff spread throughout the stores that lined the street. They had all kinds of stores from clothes to accessories to shoes and CANDY. I saw the biggest Cotton Candy ever in Harajuku.

There was a downside, and that would be some of the smells wasn’t so great. I don’t know if it was just the food smell mixed in with the sweet smell of the crepes and sweets, but it wasn’t too great.

First UBER Ride Ever

We decided to catch an Uber back to the hotel. I didn’t even know they had Uber in Japan. Anyway, this was my very first uber ride. It was in a nice black van and the ride was smooth. It did take a little longer than the train but worth it.

Ending my Night

I ended my night by getting a small sweat on as well as getting loose for the fight. Did a lot of Shadow Boxing and going over the game plan with Coach Scott. Got some push ups and squats in as well. Focusing on my fight is now my priority, It will be a long day tomorrow but I will spend some time practicing, but most of my time focusing on what I need to do once I step into the cage!

Thanks to everyone,,,

Who took time out to make a video for me. It was good to see your faces and to hear your voices. Makes it easier to focus on representing the best I can for all of you. I know I am representing all of Hawaiʻi and practically all of the USA, but I really want to make all of you my family, friends, and supporters proud. Being away from home and not having my usual crowd at the fight is a whole new feeling for me. So the video that was compiled was a nice touch to see as I enter into the final preparation for this fight.


Road to Japan Has Begun

The road to Japan started

I am heading to Japan! My very first fight out of Hawaiʻi! We took the fight with a little over 2-weeks til battle. We were first approached by Shooto maybe 3-weeks til fight. The good thing is I was already a week into fight camp for a fight in April. So we picked up the training and my weight cut started a little later than norm.

By this time next week in Japan it will be fight day! So I will try to send updates here from the website daily until then.

Training for Japan

The training is almost like any other training except we needed to pick up the intensity and start game planning and watching some short clips of my opponent.

I also started to get different looks from people I do not normally spar with. This allowed me to get a different feel from different people and it is always a plus. Thanks to Coach Jay Penn and fellow professional MMA Fighter Tyson Nam. Also thanks to Shojin & Kaylan for those Friday night rounds too.

My coaches took up the intensity as well. I have had some hard and grueling practices with them, drilling, sparring, and more drilling.

How am I feeling?

Honestly, a bit tired. BUT, extremely excited. This is going to be my first fight out of Hawaiʻi. Who wouldn’t be excited at that? I know it is not going to be a vacation because I have my work cut out for me. The excitement to have a Professional MMA fight out of country is high!

I am still working my Full-Time job as the MMA Manager at UFC Gym Mililani so that with training keeps me on my feet and on the go practically all day! I am not complaining though, both things I love to do and it is all part of the commitment and sacrifices to the sport I Love!

Another thing to be excited about is that this fight is a One Fighting Championship Sponsored event. One FC is the UFC of the East and steadily making its presence known in the MMA World. They are considered like the Olympics of the sport, centered around the actual sport and the not extra stuff.

Yes, I know I will be in his territory and home country. However, that is only more fuel for me to represent not only my team or myself, but my entire home of Hawaiʻi and even the entire USA.

Here is a smooth and sic Motivational Video of my training from my sponsor Weezography