Road to Japan Has Begun

The road to Japan started

I am heading to Japan! My very first fight out of Hawaiʻi! We took the fight with a little over 2-weeks til battle. We were first approached by Shooto maybe 3-weeks til fight. The good thing is I was already a week into fight camp for a fight in April. So we picked up the training and my weight cut started a little later than norm.

By this time next week in Japan it will be fight day! So I will try to send updates here from the website daily until then.

Training for Japan

The training is almost like any other training except we needed to pick up the intensity and start game planning and watching some short clips of my opponent.

I also started to get different looks from people I do not normally spar with. This allowed me to get a different feel from different people and it is always a plus. Thanks to Coach Jay Penn and fellow professional MMA Fighter Tyson Nam. Also thanks to Shojin & Kaylan for those Friday night rounds too.

My coaches took up the intensity as well. I have had some hard and grueling practices with them, drilling, sparring, and more drilling.

How am I feeling?

Honestly, a bit tired. BUT, extremely excited. This is going to be my first fight out of Hawaiʻi. Who wouldn’t be excited at that? I know it is not going to be a vacation because I have my work cut out for me. The excitement to have a Professional MMA fight out of country is high!

I am still working my Full-Time job as the MMA Manager at UFC Gym Mililani so that with training keeps me on my feet and on the go practically all day! I am not complaining though, both things I love to do and it is all part of the commitment and sacrifices to the sport I Love!

Another thing to be excited about is that this fight is a One Fighting Championship Sponsored event. One FC is the UFC of the East and steadily making its presence known in the MMA World. They are considered like the Olympics of the sport, centered around the actual sport and the not extra stuff.

Yes, I know I will be in his territory and home country. However, that is only more fuel for me to represent not only my team or myself, but my entire home of Hawaiʻi and even the entire USA.

Here is a smooth and sic Motivational Video of my training from my sponsor Weezography

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