Under 24 Hours til Battle

Excitement in the air!

Weigh Ins Faceoff

Weigh ins was an experience and it is always a different feeling. My opponent and I both made weight and now we battle tomorrow. The two of us both have cool, calm, and collective attitudes. There was some major energy in the room and some over flowing testosterone too. That in itself tells me that there will be some major action tomorrow night for X1 Events 51.

I had some support show up for me today that I am grateful for. My sister and brother in law, Coach Oz, Shy, Daniel, and Leato. Thanks for coming and supporting me even if it was only weigh ins. That support is much appreciated!

How am I feeling?

Still excited! I mean come on, who would not feel excited knowing they get to step into the octagon and just scrap? Plus we get to battle legally, LOL! More so, I am defending my title so it’s all on the line for me. Excited is all there is to feel because it is time to put all my hard work to good use. The long days, long nights, intense trainings, everything will come full circle and it will definitely show tomorrow night! My excitement only grew as you can see in my past blogs.

What am I doing leading up to the battle?

Spending quality time with my family was the first thing on my agenda. I got to watch my nephews soccer team win their championship. The first and only game I get to go to and they won, that is amazing.

Usually I find myself eating alone after weigh ins but this time it was different. My family and I settle on dinner at my favorite go to spot, Bravo’s. If you haven’t tried their garlic knot bread, you are totally missing out! Dinner was great but being surrounded by Family was the best part especially the night before my fight!

But from this point on, the mind is totally focusing in on my game plan and running through scenarios in my mind. Preparing to step into that octagon and representing is now top priority. I know I have a lot of my family, friends, and supporters who will be there at the Blaisdell Arena and I am sure there will be people there who want to see me fall. All I can say is, I am ready! I am ready to battle and put it on the line. I will leave it all in the octagon without a doubt! Are you ready for it? I know I am! See you there!

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