And Still

Saturday January 19, 2019

My Sponsor Weezography put this quick recap video together right after the fight!

This was the date of X-1 World Events MMA #51 “One to Remember”. It was a date that I had to defend my Bantamweight World Championship Title. Everyone gathered at the Blaisdell Arena to witness this epic battle. Hours of waiting before the walkout. Seeing and hearing the wins and losses of others fighting. Witnessing different emotions from super hyped to heartbreak by other fighters. This date went down in history for me and my camp! And Still…

Taiki TIKE Tsuchiya

Post Fight Picture with my opponent Taiki Tsuchiya

A respectful guy. Someone who is a seasoned fighter in the MMA Game. Traveled over 3,000 miles to fight me. He came ready to take that title from me. He knew from the beginning that he wasn’t going to have an easy fight. I have to give him the credit he deserves because he came with great intentions, but my determination and will was much stronger than that intention. He and I both gave the crowd a good show!

In the cage

The intense feeling of finally being able to scrap was definitely there. Feeling the energy of those there to support me was amazing. Did nerves hit? Maybe but I had no time to think about that. My focus was on Tike and what I needed to do to be victorious.

The both of us got good shots in. I needed to get back in the groove after falling a couple of times. After the first round I knew what I had to do. I needed to play my game and not his. I got the opportunity to ground and pound and I did just that. Punches to the face, fist to the head, knees to the body. I continued striking until the ref intervened because Tike could not seem to get put of that corner.


My Corner: Coach B, Coach Oz, Ryan. Other Coaches: Coach Scott and Coach Haru

My Sponsors

My Friends and Supporters.



My Family who came to the fight. Thanks Weezography for capturing this picture

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